TextMeister is a generic text log reader with powerful log monitoring...

TextMeister is a generic text log reader with powerful log monitoring and event notification facilities. Whether you`re a home user, power user, developer or system administrator, you will love TextMeister`s extensive yet easy to use features.

TextMeister gathers information from virtually any text log that your applications and services can generate. Whether you`re interested in text logs on your local PC or networked PCs, you can have the data you want, when you want it.

Data from all logs is presented to you in a consistent, easy to read format. Use powerful filters to retrieve only the information in which you`re interested and merge data from multiple logs for easier timeline analysis.

You can filter, sort and reorganize columns to assist with detailed analysis and data presentation, and create multiple views of the same data.

At any time you can export a log, aggregate log or cross-section of a log in various formats including text, csv, xml, formatted html and RSS.

This makes it easy to import filtered data into databases or analysis applications such as Excel. You can even publish your logs or specific data entries and data views as RSS feeds.

TextMeister resides in your system tray and will monitor your logs 24/7, watching out for certain entry patterns. When it identifies an item of interest, it will respond by issuing visual and audio alerts, sending emails, writing to a log and even running your own scripts.

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